Sunday, September 16, 2012


Last weekend, I was in Portland for my friend's wedding & I spent a couple days in Portland proper. I found the wonderful place that is Powell's City of Books:

I knew the minute I walked in, I was going to get lost & that I was in heaven. If you're a fan of books (at all), you need to go to this store. Cookbooks (my brother), travel books (my mom), sheep books (my dad), fantasy books (me), romance, thriller, technology, documentaries, anything you can think of: they have it. New & used books, so if you're like me & you're kind of poor, you can still afford to buy 6 books (like me).

I spent my time in the Gold Room. I found so many books that I want. I could easily spend hundreds of dollars and countless hours in Powell's.

Seriously. Go there.

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